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The ladies are born fashion lovers. Arguably, they tend to do their best to emphasise the style and interests. So what happens when it comes down to the football fashion? I believe, it’s the same picture! But are the football clubs prepared to give their best as well? This is what I wanted to find out.


Being a lady who supports football, I expect that clubs will ensure the variety of items everytime when I visit an online store. This time I’ve investigated 20 online stores of England’s Premier League clubs to check if they pay attention to their female fans.


While the top 5 can seem quiet subjective as the main customer in this test is me, I’ve tried to be very objective. The points of analysis are:


  • Page navigation (how fast can I get to the store’s page and find the women’s wear section);
  • Assortment (how big and diverse is the assortment for ladies’ wear);
  • Design (how stylish are the clothes);
  • Price (what is the minimal and maximal price);
  • Item look (can I zoom the selected item and what are the other options to explore the item).


Afterwards I’ve given points from 1 (very bad) to 5 (very good) to arrange the clubs. Additionally, I’ve solely picked only those items in the sections ‘Ladieswear’, ‘Women’ and similar. Thus, I’ve wanted to examine how targeted the online stores are!


This is what I’ve got in the end!


TOP 5 Online Stores of England’s Premier League Clubs 2011/ 2012



Newcastle’s store is the only one which didn’t get the lowest scores (1 and 2) in my test! It really attracts with the imagination how the supporting can be indicated starting from the jackets and ending with the lingerie! Exactly the lingerie collection is the most sensational! The reason why it’s number 5 – the item look options can be a bit better!





The design of the clothes has a place where to improve, although I must admit there are pieces which I’d consider to buy if I were a City’s fan! Still, the variety in assortment can also improve, while the page navigation and item look are almost ideal!



Spurs’ store is fantastic! I really do love it! Despite the fact it somehow ends up on the 3rd spot, it is actually my favourite one! The only store where the women’s section is divided in separate clothes, accessories and football kits sections! The size of the assortment is quiet good, and I simply adore the design! Yet, there are two drawbacks which simply destroy the magical moment. One – the section of women’s football kits also presents men clothes! Two – item look is not impressive at all!



According to my standings, the only disadvantage of Evertondirect is really the size of the assortment. I’ve always fancied the design of the clothes at the store, and thanks to the great page navigation and item look I feel like I am awaited here, but the club definitely needs to increase their diversity in the assortment! I believe many clubs which haven’t got the place in my chart need to improve, taking this store as an example! Moreover, in my opinion Everton have the best clothes’ designers as well.



Number one is given to Liverpool! This is a strange feeling, don’t know why! The assortment is decent, and I find the design of other clubs’ clothes a bit more interesting! Yet, this store wins the prize as the most technologically developed – item look is good (while being a bit uncomfortable to manage sometimes), page navigation is at the highest level AND it offers reviews! The reviews have bought me! You can rate and write a review of a product – I believe it’s something what ladies rely on when they need to decide what to buy! Not all the time, but the most of it definitely.


I hope that there will be an equality sign between the quantity of men and women clothes one day at online stores! But on this very day I am happy to declare that there are clubs which are interested in female football fashion as well and distribute products what ladies can put on to show their dedication to football. Yet, there is a common drawback – ladies like to stand out, and the clothes let them do that! There are similarities in design amongst many clubs in the league! Maybe it’s time to become a bit creative, fresh and individual…


The idea of the article is taken from Sam Logger’s  ‘The best online shop of English Premier League’s football clubs for women’.

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